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Membership is open to any one interested in enjoying and contributing to the organization’s activities. There are so many benefits to working with and enjoying a gardener’s community. The educational programs, field trips and workshops are so interesting. Many of our members are master gardeners, graduates of the Cooperative Extension Service of the University of New Hampshire, who are always available for consultation about your garden issues.

It can be great fun to work in our civic beautification projects; these projects are rarely hard work, and there’s great camaraderie among our groups. Like most organizations, we invite our members to consider actively participating in meetings, workshops, field trips, as well as volunteer activities. Our committee chairs and their volunteers share in doing tasks with humor and friendship. Most chores can be divided by complexity and availability of volunteers. The Membership Form provides more detailed information about the different assignments that we can share. Do your part and enjoy your friends!

Our annual Business Meeting is held in June. We review our accomplishments of the past year and make plans for next year. Officers are elected, budgets reviewed and any unfinished business is completed. This is an important meeting and member participation is strongly recommended.

How to Join

Guests and new members are always welcome to attend our monthly meetings and programs. The annual membership fee is $25. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Club, please contact us by email at

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